DART passes and services guide chart
Types of Services DART Local Pass DART Regional Pass Paratransit Day Pass Voucher Mesquite Pass
Local Bus X X   X X
Express Bus X X   X X
Route 282 (Mesquite)   X   X X
Route 702 (Northpark) X X   X X
DART On-call X X   X X
FLEX Service X X   X X
Light Rail: Red, Blue, Green, and Orange Line X X   X X
TRE to CentrePort X X   X X
TRE, DCTA (Denton), and The T (Fort Worth)   X   X  
Paratransit Service Only     X    
Effective April 20, 2019, DART will no longer offer monthly or 31-day passes. We encourage monthly pass customers to purchase the GoPass tap card. The GoPass tap card is reloadable, works on buses and trains and is available (buy or reload) at 900+ locations. Furthermore, you just tap to board. Please visit www.gopass.org or contact a DART representative if you have any questions at (214)749-3400.

Please go to Store Information for ordering information and navigating information.

For questions regarding your order please e-mail a DART representative. If you have questions about this site or its contents, call 214-749-3400.

Please note that starting from 11/8/2021, Social Agencies/Nonprofit Organizations must use DARTAccess portal to order Day Pass Vouchers and Paratransit Coupons. If you need to register your Social Agency/Nonprofit Organization, then please complete this form. If you have already registered with DART and aren’t sure which email address and phone number is linked to your DART account, or you need to update your agency profile in the new site, please call the DART Revenue Team at 214-749-3400. You may also email DARTStore@DART.org.

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Buy Your DART Pass

Pay Your Citation
Pay Your Citation

DART Store Information
DART Store Information

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